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News 4.  03/20/2018

Game Development is moving along and I'm getting closer to a release date. The game dynamics are in place now, but not done. Need to tweak and make a lot of decisions on what challenges and rewards await the player. CAS A-10 Warthog is a simple Arcade style game that you can play for a few minutes or over an hour. It's a time waster when your time is being wasted by others. 

News 3.  02/19/2018

I finally got enough time to make some major changes to the game including adding a simple but very effective AI combat system to the primary opponent in the game, the venerable Mi-24 Hind.

News 2.  02/18/2018

The SU-57 is also being added to the game as an extra bonus opponent for now.  

News 1.  02/18/2018

Happy to announce that the Russian TU-95 has joined the fight in CAS A-10 Warthog. You'll see waves of these guys mission objectives or bonus kills. 

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