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A10 Arcade Shooter Update 04/12/2020

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Okay so I updated the SDK for #A10 #Arcade #Shooter at the Google Play store and I'm currently waiting for it to go live, so I can list the game for Pre-Order at the Google Play Store. Currently, I'm working on finishing the additional Levels for #A10 #Arcade #Shooter so the next SDK update will be the Full Game. In addition to this, I've started my next two Games. The 3rd game concept was explored by me as the Star Trek game that I posted a few weeks ago. While I intend to finish that game, it won't be for sale, but instead, it will be 100% free to play and download. I also have plans for a much larger game with a much larger scope. To that end, I'm planning on using the hell out of the Observer Programming Pattern and a lot of Inheritance and Polymorphism to allow for new content to be added much faster without having to do any major rework of the game base code. I've had to go back into my current game code and do a lot of rework over the last few weeks. Not a good use of my time. Trying to avoid those issues in future game versions. Toward that end, the red vs green cube battle demo video uses inheritance and polymorphism. The Green Cubes are the Base Class and the Red are a Derivative version of the base Green Class. I'll post more as things progress.

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