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Air Dominance Fighter (ADF) under development

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Wow, lots to talk about. Development of my new game Air Dominance Fighter (ADF) is now underway. I did a simple experiment to see if I could leverage A10 Arcade Shooter as the base for ADF and it turns out that I can. That's a Win..!! This will drastically cut the development time. Unlike A10 Arcade, ADF will be a top-down 3d game. The reason I can use A10 Arcade as the base for ADF is that A10 Arcade is mostly made form 3d assets but viewed from above using a Perspective camera. ADF will use a 3d terrain with all sorts of 3d and Isometric 2d assets to create a far richer game and game dynamics. While A10 Arcade will form the base for ADF, it will go through massive modification over the development cycle. I'm working on a simple design document to help me keep things straight and on task. I will be implementing a lot more Design patterns and use of Managers to make adding new features and assets much easier. This will be fun and very educational at the same time.

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