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CAS A10 ArcadeShooter is coming..!!!

Hi Guys, I'm happy to report that after a lot of tweaking and minor debugging I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. CAS A10 ArcadeShooter is nearing completion. One of my personal pet paves is that I have to play the game from beginning to end every time I make changes to the game. So every time I make major changes I test the game from start to finish. As you can imaging this gets very repetitive, but it's the only way I will know how the game will play for you. Player experience matters to me. I made CAS A10 to be challenging, but winnable. Yes, you can win this game. That's by design.

This kind of testing while repetitive and tedious is also the main way I know what's wrong wit the game. While programming has what we call "debug" tools to catch programming errors, the game experience has no such tools. It's up to people to test and find unintended events and artifacts that need to be fixed, changed or tweaked.

I'll try to post and update at least weekly. Stay tuned more info coming soon.

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