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CAS A10 ArcadeShooter, The Story

So here's the story guys. #CAS #A10 #ArcadeShooter is nearing completion and has matured a lot over the last two years. #CAS #A10 started as a Space Shooter from Unity that I was using to learn the basics of Game Programming. About halfway through the tutorial, I change the game from a Space Shooter to a Military Top-Down Arcade Shooter like the kind I used to play as a Kid in the 80's at the local Mall Arcade called Time Out. Go to the #AccretionStudios Pinterest page (https://www.pinterest.com/hec031/pins/) and go to the 80's collection to see what things were like for us the 1st Gamer generation back then.

So back the #CAS #A10. The game has been a great learning tool and a passion of mine. I've addressed every pet peace I've ever had about Arcade games since the 80's. Unlike other games, #CAS #

A10 is a winnable game. You won't have to purchase your way through levels. The game is meant to be a time-waster and a fun, challenging experience. It's not meant to frustrate anyone. It's mindless fun to take you away from your daily grind.

I've added as many features as possible to make the game easy to use and fun to play.

Check out the promo videos on our Youtube Channel. https://youtu.be/mGvYfeU2zn4

Talk to you guys later.


Accretion Studios Co.

Lead Developer

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