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Coming Very Soon...!!!

Well, I'm happy to announce that I've effectively finished my game. Currently, I'm just testing the game and fixing minor issues as I find them. No show stopper yet. So if all goes well with the testing and tweaking this weekend I should be ready to submit my game with the Google Play and Apple App store by Monday. The biggest potential holdup was the size of the APK file and game, but I was able to clean up the game and shrink it from 154Mb for the APK and 208Mb build to 60Mb APK and 94Mb build. So I'm good to go. After the game clears for release with Google Play I will submit the game to the Amazon App Store for release. For me, this is just a numbers game. The more places the game is available and the more I advertise relatively to the ROI the better it should do. It's a very simple marketing campaign.

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