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Pre Alpha Testing Underway...!!! :)

Pre-Alpha testing of #CAS #A10 underway. I'm using my test phone to test the Android version of the Game. At the moment the game is limited to four levels and I'm tweaking the levels so they stay challenging but winnable. I'm not out to frustrate anyone with my game. Testing showed the need to move the buttons to a small asymmetrical configuration to give the player the best control over the airplane. I also made sure that no matter where you maneuver the airplane you can still see it. This helps a lot when maneuvering the airplane away from danger. I still have more tweaking and a code bug that I can't seem to resolve just yet, but I'm working on at the moment. In fact typing this I think I know a way to fix the bug. Still, the testing is coming along and things are looking good for a full Alpha Test version by the end of the week. I'm going to play around with the games virtual joystick a little. I want to increase it's response rate, which seems to lag a little. This is part of the Alpha testing process.

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