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Updates On the Way

Hi everyone. Happy fathers day. Currently, I'm working on updates to the A10 Arcade Shooter. Based on some feedback I've gotten, I'm currently planning on adding a new two new bonuses. The first is a wing rockets instead of dual guns. The dual guns will still be available, but the Rockets will now be added to the game. Second is a power shield that will protect you from damage for 5 seconds. In addition to that I'm currently working on at least 5 new levels to be added to the

game. I will be making the game a little more challenging in the first 4 rounds. This will only apply to new users or if you decide to go back any of the levels affected. I'm also working on adding more aircrafts that you can unlock and select to play with instead of the A10. Why not, right? There's a lot more changes coming. Now that the game is out I can focus on updates, upgrades and adding new features.

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