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We're back...!!!

It's been a while, but Accretion Studios is back. We have several projects under development and we want to share them with you. So, first on the list is A10 Arcade Shooter update 2023. A new major update is about to be released for this game. Now the game will auto-progress through the levels so that the last level you unlock is the level you will start in the next time you play. We've added the SU-57 Felon and the MG520 helicopter to the game.

Gone are the days of a separate Joystick and Fire button. Now you have one Joystick/Fire button combo. This makes the game ambidextrous and possible to play with just one hand. This comes in handy when you are waiting for your turn to check out at your local store. There are other changes under the hood like an updated AI for the enemies and a few other things like that. We hope you will enjoy this update and will have hours of mindless fun with our game.

Let us know what you think. We can't fix it if we don't know what's broke.

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