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Wow, it's Bloated...!!!!

Google Play has been an eye-opening experience. So when I tried posting my game #A10#Arcade#Shooter, on Google Play I discovered how big my game had gotten. In actuality what really discovered was how bloated the game had become. When I analyzed the build record for the SDK file I was astounded by the amount of junk and oversized files in the game. So I've been on a hunt for these files. Since this weekend I've taken the game SDK from 220Mb to 64Mb. While way better I can still reduce it even further. I think I can kill another 20Mb. Working on that at the moment. I've done a lot of testing. The most important test was when I compiled the first 40 Level version of the game. It turns out it only added just over 500Kbs to the game. That's a Win... Textures files are all that's self. I think I can have that cleaned up by the end of the week. While working on all that I'm also working on level playing balance and design. I have a lot of

Photoshop and Illustrator work planned for the rest of the week. The life of a game developer. I love it. LOL.

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